Information about assistance available during Covid lockdown.

Due to the Covid-19 virus, many members, or their families and friends, may be suffering financial hardship. In this newsletter we are sharing information about assistance that is available depending upon peoples circumstances. It is for information only and does not constitute advice.

Worried about your income?

You may have heard about the government support available during coronavirus.  Here are some useful links:

Claiming Universal Credit if you are out of work, or if you are in work but not entitled to sick pay:

This is a combination of benefits including Housing benefit but does not include Child Benefit (CHB). You can only apply online, all communication is online, and is paid monthly.

Once someone cannot work because of the lockdown and they need to apply for Benefit ie Universal Credit, there is a gap of some weeks with no income while their application goes through. At this point they may consider applying for foodbank vouchers and for a loan – see below.

Help for people who are self-employed – The Self-employment Income Support Scheme (SEISS):

Again, there may be a delay in receiving support.

Do you know someone who needs help with food?

The Lichfield Foodbank provides food to those in need in the Lichfield area. The service is meant for anyone who is struggling in normal circumstances. Members may not realize that even though they had been working but unfortunately are no longer, they can apply for a voucher

Fusion is one of the local agencies (along with Bromford, Citizens Advice, Curborough Community Centre and the Job Centre) who can issue a food bank voucher.  Please call us or email us for details – our contact info is at the bottom of the newsletter.  At the moment, we are using e-vouchers, which we can either send to your mobile phone or tell you the number to write down.

You can find out more about Lichfield Food Bank here:

In Lichfield there are two centres that distribute food – Netherstowe church and Wade Street church. We are advised that currently stocks are healthy.

A similar system operates in Cannock District –


Loans are available to assist those who are waiting for benefit or other financial assistance.

Downloaded our application form from the website and email the completed form to

You will be asked to tell us your income and expenditure and provide a copy of your bank statement.

If you get Child Benefit, you can agree to have it redirected to Fusion meaning we can offer you a loan. Part of your Child Benefit is then placed in a savings account for you and the rest pays off the loan.  Please apply using the form above.


Some members are fortunate to still be able to save something in these difficult times. Savings deposited with Fusion, are guaranteed by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS), backed by the Government. This means that should Fusion become insolvent for any reason, your savings will be repaid in full within seven days.

Requests for savings to be withdrawn and transferred to a nominated Bank Account can be made by e mail to Fusion.

Getting a bit bored stuck at home?

And finally….there are lots of free things available on line at the moment to keep you and your family entertained.  Here’s a few fun links:

30 amazing virtual tours including theme parks, zoos and museums

Free celebrity teaching and entertainment:

Bitesize learning for adults including boredom-busting courses!

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