Local affordable loans this Christmas

We offer small affordable loans of up to £200 but if you receive Child Benefit, you can borrow up to £400

An example of how repayments work if you transfer your Child Benefit to us…

  • You borrow £200
  • Your Child Benefit for one child is £21.05 a week
  • You agree to £10 going to pay off your loan  – we take this automatically so you don’t even need to think about it each week
  • We put the £11.05 into savings with us – you can withdraw this any time you need it
  • At £10 per week, the loan will take just 22 weeks to pay off
  • The interest will be £16.03 
  • The total cost of loan will be £216.03

So many of our members with Child Benefit find this a really easy way to repay their loan and still have access to some of their Child Benefit.

And with Fusion Credit Union, you always know you are getting a fair, affordable loan.

Do you have a friend who gets Child Benefit?  Why not tell them about loans from Fusion Credit Union too?

Visit us at www.fusioncreditunion.co.uk

Send us a private message on Facebook

Or call us in office hours on 01543 415 032

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