Fusion Credit Union Ltd celebrates 15th anniversary

Fusion Credit Union is celebrating 15 years of helping local people to save money and access affordable loans.  Hundreds of thousands of pounds have been both deposited and loaned from the community organisation, since it opened for business in March 2005.   The credit union is part of the National Association of Credit Unions and provides … Continue reading Fusion Credit Union Ltd celebrates 15th anniversary

Volunteers needed in Loans Department.

Fusion Credit Union Ltd, your Community Savings and Loans Bank, makes a profit from investing your savings, and the interest earned from loans to its members. Profit after operating expenses is returned to the members as an annual dividend. All Directors, Officers and Collectors are volunteers receiving no payment for their services. Currently we have … Continue reading Volunteers needed in Loans Department.

International Credit Union Day 17 October 2019

To celebrate International Credit Union Day we are sharing a short video below about the work of Credit Unions. For further information about the work or services provided by Fusion Credit Union please visit our main office at JigSaw or one of our Collection Points or contact us on 01543 415032 e mail info@fusioncreditunion.co.uk