Christmas Club

Be a savvy Christmas saver and banish those credit card blues by joining our Christmas Club. 

To open a Christmas Club account, you’ll need to become a member.
Save whatever you can afford each week; it’s a great way to save.
See how quickly your weekly savings will grow:

Weekly Saving 6 Months 9 Months 12 Months
50p £13 £26 £26
£1 £26 £39 £52
£2 £52 £78 £104
£5 £130 £195 £260


  • There are no minimum deposit amounts. The most you can save is £10,000.
  • You can pay your Christmas savings in at a local collection point or by standing order from your bank.
  • Your trustee (or other adult) can pay into your account by standing order direct from their bank or building society.
  • You can withdraw your money at any point, but you will need to give us 7 days notice.
  • You may receive an annual dividend payment.

Open a Christmas Club account today! Pop in to your local collection point and talk to a member of our friendly team.


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